Blockchain Gaming Redefined

Chain Games is an evolution in Web 3.0 blockchain gaming combining smart contract based contests with state of the art gameplay. We are committed to transitioning the blockchain gaming industry into the modern gaming era.

A Complete Gaming Ecosystem in Three Categories

Proprietary Games

Chain Games has launched its flagship title Super Crypto Kart, with more amazing 1st party titles to come. This allows for all users to get started on day one of launch, entering into contests against other players in REAL LIVE matches with REAL CRYPTO PAYOUTS!

Open dApp Store

Any developer can integrate the Chain Games contests system in their game. After uploading their game, developers earn a share of the 3% rake from each match. This is such a no-brainer for any 3rd party developer to submit, this dApp store will fill up FAST!

Integration w/ Game Studios

Chain Games aims to partner with established game studios with millions of users each. These integrations will allow these studios to earn significantly more revenue, while opening Chain Games & the CHAIN token to an immense market.



We made the Chain Games network and framework as user friendly as possible. It's quick and easy to get started.

1. Connect

Select your game of choice and connect your blockchain wallet such as metamask.

2. Join Gaming Lobby

Join an existing lobby or create your own. Lobbies are organized by the entry fee required to enter.

3. Battle and Win

Battle your friends and your foes. Whoever wins takes home the crypto.

Wanna see it in action?

Our initial product release Super Crypto Kart is LIVE!



The Chain Games token (CHAIN) has utility, staking rewards, governance and deflationary properties built in.


The CHAIN token is the primary medium of exchange used for all entry fees and contest payouts on the Chain Games network.

Staking Rewards

Every contest entry fee paid in CHAIN rewards stakers on the network with 15% of the transaction fee distributed automatically to their staking wallet.


1% of CHAIN used as transaction fees will be burned. This allows the decentralized smart contract code to automatically decrease the total supply of CHAIN


Holders of the CHAIN token will have governance and voting rights on future implementations of the CHAIN marketplace. Token holders will be able to vote for upcoming 3rd party titles to be included in the Chain dApp Game Store resulting in increased revenue sharing from staking and fees taken in.



Five hundred million CHAIN tokens will be minted at the start to represent the total supply, with an initial circulating supply of 275M. The number of tokens will decrease thereafter due to burning.


Distribution of Tokens


The Initial Liquidity Offering will start at a market cap value of $2,750,000.

After the ILO begins, purchasing CHAIN tokens is designed to get continuously more expensive on UniSwap. The first ones in to purchase via the ILO get the best rate.


We have some major milestones and updates planned for all phases of the Chain Games network.


An Entire Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem

Chain Games is more than just Super Crypto Kart and a single title franchise. We are building an entire decentralized gaming ecosystem allowing for smart contract-based wagering on any games of skill for both 1st party Chain Games releases as well as 3rd party developer releases allowing for a seamless, secure, non-custodial blockchain gaming experience directly from your Web3 wallet!

We will be launching live with full functionality on the Ethereum network, but will be transitioning to our own custom blockchain in Phase 3.

Phase 1


Chain Games debuts an industry first with our SmartContests™ gaming contracts. Our smart contract-based contest on games of skill will allow for non-custodial, secure, decentralized Web3 based blockchain gaming with no middleman or centralized entity to determine game outcome or payments.


Chain Games is committed to giving back to the community and enabling them to EARN on ALL GAMES played on the CHAIN network! Our SmartStaking™ Gaming Contract rewards all stakers on the network with 15% of the fees taken in on EACH game played on the CHAIN network. Just lock your CHAIN in our staking smart contract, and earn passively while you and other players engage in battles on the CHAIN network.


The Chain Games token is a deflationary token. With every entry fee into the Chain Games network, the decentralized smart contract will burn 1% of the total fee resulting in a continually decreasing supply of tokens.

Super Crypto Kart

Our flagship title Super Crypto Kart will be the first blockchain-integrated game to utilize the Chain Games SmartContests™ Gaming Contracts. Super Crypto Kart is a cross platform kart-based racing game that will be released on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. It will feature top crypto projects in the space with customized race-able karts! Users will be able to join lobbies with entry fees ranging from $5 - $100+ in CHAIN token, with winners selected after each round, and winnings deposited directly into their Web3 wallet from our SmartContests™ Gaming Contract.

Phase 2


Our goal with Chain Games is to onboard as many 3rd party developers and gaming houses as possible. This is why we are creating an easy to use Chain Games Ethereum SDK (Software Development Kit) and API allowing for any 3rd party developer to seamlessly integrate our SmartContests™ gaming and other contracts directly into any of their titles with a simple copy and paste code snippet. Finally an easy way for any gaming house to add games of skill based secure blockchain-integrated wagering to any title developed, with immediate access to the CHAIN network and community!

CHAIN Mainnet (Cosmos Fork)

We will be transitioning off of Ethereum and building our own custom smart contract gaming blockchain based off of Cosmos. This fork of Cosmos will be 100% customized and tailored for contest-based gaming experiences. We have chosen to fork Cosmos as this will allow for cheaper and faster execution of all the smart contracts contained in the Chain Games ecosystem.

First Person Shooter (FPS) Release

Our second flagship title will be a custom first person shooter (FPS) game that will fully integrate with the Chain Games SmartContests™ Gaming Contracts. Battle your friends or foes in solo or team death match style games! Do you have what it takes to take home the crypto?

Phase 3

CHAIN Marketplace

Launching in Phase 3 is the much anticipated CHAIN marketplace! The Chain dApp Game store will allow for any 3rd party developer and gaming houses to publish their games they have integrated with our SDK, API and SmartContests™ contracts. All new games will be vetted and voted upon by the community for inclusion in the store enabling governance-based decisions. The CHAIN marketplace will support both ETH-based as well as our own custom Cosmos fork-based versions of the Chain Network.


Much like the Chain Games Ethereum SDK, we will be releasing our custom Cosmos fork of the Chain Games SDK (Software Development Kit) and API allowing for any 3rd party developer to seamlessly integrate our SmartContests™ gaming and other contracts directly into any of their titles with a simple copy and paste code snippet. This SDK will also allow for easy transitioning off of the Ethereum network and onto our custom blockchain with minimal impact or porting required.

CHAIN dSports™

Have you ever wanted to join a fantasy sports league, but were concerned that there was no way to guarantee the people in the league would pay out at the end? This is why most fantasy sports leagues are only participated by friends and people you know and can trust, or consist of free to play leagues with no prizes (BOO, no fun!). CHAIN dSports is completely changing the fantasy sports industry and landscape. Now you can create and join fantasy football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey leagues and more, and guarantee all prizes and payments will be distributed! Our CHAIN dSports™ Fantasy Smart Contract allow for decentralized, non-custodial fantasy league tournaments. Join with your friends, or join with a bunch of completely anonymous strangers across the internet and be confident that your prizes and payouts are guaranteed!




How is Chain Games different than other centralized gambling platforms?

Chain Games is non-custodial and decentralized, with all bets done via smart contracts on games of skill. All current betting platforms involve games of chance.  We are taking it to the next level by developing an entire ecosystem for 3rd party devs to enable in-game wagering in their games of skill utilizing our Chain Games SDK.  This will enable seamless onboarding onto our dApp Game Store allowing the developers and community to enjoy revenue splits, including staking rewards for stakers and holders of the CHAIN token.


Is this legal?  I thought gambling was illegal in most jurisdictions.

Chain Games specifically targets wagering on games of skill which is legal in most jurisdictions worldwide.  A game of skill is a game where the outcome is determined mainly by mental or physical skill rather than chance.  Our first flagship release, Super Crypto Kart, is a game of skill.  Our future planned releases and 3rd party developer releases will also be games of skill.

As with any wagering platform, please ensure that wagering on games of skill is legal in your jurisdiction.


What’s the difference between a game of skill and a game of chance?

A game of skill is a game where the outcome is determined mainly by mental or physical skill rather than chance.   A game of chance is a game where its outcome is strongly influenced by some randomizing device, such as dice, spinning tops, playing cards, roulette wheels, or numbered balls drawn from a container (slots, blackjack, casino games, etc).

The Chain Gang

Adam Barlam

CEO / CTO / Founder

Adam is an experienced blockchain architect and technology entrepreneur with a passion for Linux & Open Source Software. He is the creator of Rebuzz & BravoCoin, and CTO and Co-Founder of the DeFi project TrustSwap. Adam previously held Sr. Architect positions at GoDaddy and engineering leads at Intel.

Joel Comm


Joel is the co host of The Bad Crypto Podcast. A show for the crypto-serious and the crypto-curious. Joel has 25 years of online business experience working major brands such as Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Alibaba, Harvard, the UN and Twitter writing 15 books to delivering keynotes and workshops worldwide.

Jeff Kirdeikis


Jeff is the Founder and CEO of Uptrennd, the world’s most engaged blockchain-based social media platform, as well as Co-Founder and CEO of DeFi project TrustSwap. Jeff brings a massive crypto-influenced audience that numbers 1.6M+ via his Cryptocurrency Investing (CI) network groups on Facebook and other platforms.

Fred Chesnais


Fred is the CEO of ATARI, one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and entertainment producers and creator of such classics as Pong and the Atari 2600. Fred brings to the table a plethora of experience in the Video Game and Game Development industries. This is a non-compensated position.

Travis Wright


Travis is the co host of The Bad Crypto Podcast. A show for the crypto-serious and the crypto-curious. Travis has worked with a plethora of company executives and tech leaders on digital transformation, marketing technologies, and social business practices for digital marketing. He also co-authored the book Digital Sense.