We are proud to announce we have collaborated & integrated with Layer 2 provider MATIC network to enable SUPER FAST and SUPER CHEAP Ethereum transactions for all games on the Chain Games decentralized gaming ecosystem providing a superior UX for all users!

We are LIVE on testnet right now with the MATIC solution and here at @RealChainGames we like to under promise and over deliver!  That’s why we are bringing you the full mainnet implementation of this solution a full day early and will be releasing it tomorrow Sept 24th instead of our original plan of Sept 25th!

It’s super easy to get started to play on testnet until mainnet is released tomorrow.

How to Setup Your Environment for MATIC Testnet Play:

Step 1: You will next need some testnet $ETH and testnet $CHAIN.  Make sure you switch your Metamask to “Goerli Test Network“.

Testnet $ETHhttps://goerli-faucet.slock.it/ or from https://faucet.goerli.mudit.blog/

Testnet $CHAINhttps://faucet.chaingames.io/

Step 2: Fund your gaming session – https://wallet-testnet.chaingames.io/

Step 3: Download and install Super Crypto Kart for your desired platform:

Windows – https://d3op4twapqdg5r.cloudfront.net/SuperCryptoKart-v2.2.0-installer-64bit.exe
Mac OS – https://d3op4twapqdg5r.cloudfront.net/SuperCryptoKart-v2.2.0.dmg
Linux – https://d3op4twapqdg5r.cloudfront.net/SuperCryptoKart-v2.2.0.tar.gz
Android – https://d3op4twapqdg5r.cloudfront.net/SuperCryptoKart-v2.2.apk

Step 4:  Startup Super Crypto Kart and change to testnet option in Options->General








Step 5:  Restart Super Crypto Kart and create a new username, or use your existing username if you played previous releases.

Congratulations!  You are now ready to play online!

We recommend you also up the graphics and blur levels to max in Options->Graphics.