Hey Chain Gang!  For only being around for just under 40 days, we have made incredible strides in such a short period of time!

August 24th marked the launch of our first fully working product and proof of concept use case Super Crypto Kart for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.  We had great feedback and users really loved the concept and game with hundreds of downloads just on Day 1!

On August 26th we launched our much anticipated ILO on Uniswap and were the 3rd most traded token on the DEX beating out several stable coins and trading nearly 20M USD in volume!  Quite the feat for a new token!

Layer 1 multiplayer launched shortly thereafter amidst the DeFi craze of August and early September.  We quickly realized that with the escalating GAS fees on the Ethereum network that we needed to take action and FAST!

We started working on a Layer 2 solution on the MATIC network on September 16th, and just 7 days later had a fully working version of Super Crypto Kart and ported the Chain Games network to be able to run on MATIC testnet. 

One day after our testnet launch on September 24th, we released the full version of multiplayer on Layer 2 MATIC mainnet!  We had amazing execution and commitment from our dev team and support from all members of the community to push out this full stack solution in such record time!  8 days is truly an incredible timeframe to complete such a task, especially in the crypto world. 

With Layer 2 running optimally, we were able to reduce GAS fees to next to nothing, while significantly increasing game speed, contract execution time, and improving UX.

On September 27th we announced our intention to implement Call of Duty: Modern Warfare where users can compete on Battle Royale style matches and multiplayer battles for most points, kills, wins, and more to win $CHAIN!  In addition we are researching other Tier 1 games where we can execute this same method.

October 2nd marked the news of a MASSIVE strategic partnership with one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers, ATARI.  ATARI will be integrating the $CHAIN token into their soon to be launched ATARI Crypto-casino, and Chain Games will be implementing the ATRI token into the CHAIN ecosystem.  Furthermore, ATARI CEO Fred Chesnais has accepted an advisory role on the Chain Games board!  This partnership closely aligns both companies continued interests in blockchain, crypto and the video game industry moving forward.

On October 4th we released the much anticipated Super Crypto Kart for Android with full single player and online multiplayer modes enabled!  This enables cross-platform play across Windows, Mac OS, Linux and now Android!  iOS is next!

October 5th we announced that our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare implementation will be completed and launched towards the end of November.  Not only that, but we have also started working on adding top tier games Fortnite, Madden 21, FIFA 21 and Fall Guys to the list of playable games to compete on in the Chain Games network!  The competition is going to get fierce, and so are the $CHAIN payouts for winners!

It has been a very productive 40 days Chain Gang, and we anticipate the next 40 days to be just as productive as we go full steam into releasing high profile games to play on the Chain network.  We feel these new tier 1 games will really draw in the audience we need and expect to continue down the path of blockchain gaming excellence!

Until next time,

Adam Barlam
CEO / Founder Chain Games